INTRODUCTION: We have defined moving forward, building a great church in last year and in some places. Therefore, we will focus on stewardship and faithful in this paper. STEWARDSHIP: Is the act of taken care of or managing something for the owner. STEWARD: A person employed to manage another person’s properties. FAITHFUL: Able to be trusted that you can rely on.

Therefore, a Christian educator that is moving on in the great task in building a great church must realize that God called him or her to taking care and managing all resources that are available in a way that God will trust and rely on him or her.

Before we can be faithful stewardship:

  1. Give yourself: Jesus said to his disciples, if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself. Denial of self is not same as self denial means going without certain food or other pleasures that we enjoy. To deny oneself, however means, to accept that we have no right or authority over our own lives. We accept the complete lordship of Jesus Christ.
  2. Understanding of stewardship: Adam and Eve were called upon to give account of their stewardship, but their account was not impressive to God. The implication of this is that as Christian educator, we shall give account of our stewardship before our maker.

[a]        Stewardship is a responsibility. Matt. 25: 14-30. We must use whatever God put    in our control well and profitably in other to get home.

[b]        Stewardship is to show and demonstrate the level our faith. E.g. Abraham in Genesis 22. God did not want Isaac to die, but he wanted Abraham to sacrifices Isaac in his heart so it would be cleared that Abraham loved God more than he loved His promised and Loved-a waiting son.

[c]        Stewardship makes our concept belief in God grow i.e. God as a creator.

[d]       Stewardship is based on personal commitment to God.

[e]        Stewardship is to meet human needs, to strengthen the Christian fellowship and support the gospel.

  1. You were saved to serve God: Have you ever wonder why God doesn’t just immediately take us to heaven the moment we accept His grace? Why does He leave us in a falling world? He leaves us here to fulfill His purpose. Once you are saved, God intends to use you for His goals. God has a ministry for you in His church, and a mission for you in the world.
  2. Faithfull Steward: faithfulness is a requirement for services in vineyard of God. The bible says: “Moreover, it is required in stewards that are being formed faithful” (1cor. 4:2). To build a great church, educator must be faithful.

Faithful educators are the one who are ready to serve God in church with honesty of purpose. They serve with pure motive and release their resources and requested a good steward. God want all of you. God doesn’t want a part of your life. He asks for all your heart, all your souls, your entire mind and all your strength. God is not interested in half hearted commitment, partial obedience and the leftover of your time and money. He desire your full devotion, not little bit of your life.

  1. Educators are to serve, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ. This is the sole aim of the educators. You are not to preach or teach to draw attention and gain a name for yourself. Proclaim God’s word in other to glorify God through Jesus Christ. You are not minister, visit and give to secure recognition, honour or praise. You are the minister stir praise and thanksgiving to God in name of Jesus Christ. God above alone deserves all praise.


Conclusion: As Christian educators were all called to move forward and build a great church through our faithful stewardship.


Prepared By:

Rev. I. D Adegbite

Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church,

Abule-Oke, Ifo

Ogun State, Nigeria


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