Steward in an English dictionary says “A person who manages the property or affairs for another entity”.

As in 1Peter 4:10 talks more about faithful steward with numerous grace of God. I want to liken the numerous grace with our knowledge, beauty, power, and other gifts given to us by God.

Note; From the definition above it shows that we are managing all what we have and what we are for God that we will give account.



it is the mind of God to do His work with somebody (Gen 2:18)

– to complement not compete

– to share experience without intimidation

– to rely upon without fear of betrayal

1. A SPIRITUAL (2Tim 15-20) For a Pastor’s wife to be productive in enhancing the spiritual growth of the church, she needs to equip herself spiritually; giving time for prayers, personal retreat and studying the word of God. Pastor’s wife as an associate to her husband

  1. SUPPORTING: A Pastor’s wife has a role to support her husband ministry. The motto of Nigeria Baptist Pastor’s Wife Fellowship says; ‘Helping hands’. She must join hand with her husband to move the Church to a greater height. Ex. 17:11 Aaron and Hur supported Moses and Joshua to make the Israelites prevailed over Amalekite. She is to lift up the arms of her husband in prayer, in counseling and in being sensitive to what is happening in the Church all these will go a long way in the spiritual growth of the Church.
  2. ENCOURAGING : (1Thes 5:11)A Pastor’s wife must be an encourager. She must be positive towards the leading of the Spirit in her husband’s ministry in as much she has the conviction that her husband has the leading of the spirit..
  3. PARTICIPATING: Active participation is required from a Pastor’s wife. A Pastor’s wife must not be left out of the Church programme, Bible study, prayer meeting, W.M.U meetings and she must be able to give sacrificially toward Church development. She must be a pace setter when it comes to participation.
  4. MENTORING: (Titus 2:3-5) Mentoring is one of the major roles to be played by a pastor’s wife.. A Pastor’s wife is one of the elderly women in the Church irrespective of her age. She has the responsibility of being a role model to others in behaviour, in dressing in holiness and good things. 1 Tim 4:12-16, Titus 2:3-5.
  5. TEACHING: (Titus 2:4-5). Apart from being a role model, a Pastor’s wife has the role to teach others. She is to teach the young ones to be sober, to have regard for their husband, to be morally upright and to serve the Lord. Mt. 28:20.
  6. COUNSELING: A Pastor’s wife has a counseling role to play in order to enhance the spiritual growth of the Church. In this era of moral decadence where Children are found of walking nakedly, sagging and all form of hair do that do not glorify God, Pastor’s wife must not hesitate to put things in their right perspective through day to day counseling.


Prepared By,

Rev. A. A. Onifade

Pastor, Living Grace Baptist Church,


Ogun State, Nigeria.






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